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Ahmed Sidky

Ahmed Sidky, Ph.D. known as Doctor Agile, is a well known thought-leader in the Agile community. He is a transformation consultant for Fortune 100 companies, the co-author of “Becoming Agile in an Imperfect World,” and the Executive Director and co-founder of the International Consortium for Agile. Ahmed was selected to be on the steering committee of the PMI-ACP® Certification and the program chair for the Agile 2009 conference. He has been an invited speaker at numerous Agile Conferences around the world speaking on topics like, the agile mindset, how to create lean high performing habits within teams, and how to transform organizations in a manner that achieves sustainable organizational agility.

Value Teams : The Next Evolution of the Product Owner

When people learn about agile they usually learn about Scrum (since it is the most popular flavor of agile). While Scrum is beneficial, it does not have answers to all the challenges of software development. One of the common challenges teams face is that of having an effective Product Owner.

From experience, it is not about who is fulfilling the role of the Product owner in your organization but about the definition of the role itself. We have played with many different variations of the PO role, till we ended up with the concept and structure of the Value Team. Simply put, the Value Team is responsible for making sure the product is (1) Feasible, (2) Valuable, (3) Usable.

After using Value Teams in many corporations (the session will have many real-life examples of this) they seems to be a practical solution to many problems about how agile can work in complex environments where there is no ONE product owner, but rather multiple organizations and people that have a say in what needs to get build and how.

This session will present the idea of Value teams and answer questions on how to create them, how they operate, who is in charge, and why they are so critical to the success of the agile delivery team.

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