Archie Miller

About the Presenter

Archie Miller

With over 18 years of product design experience, Archie Miller has worked with many nationally prominent US clients such as American Express, Amtrak, General Electric, Owens Corning, and Wachovia. Most recently, Archie has led UX for online product development for teams at and


Personas: Our imaginary friends (when made the wrong way and for the wrong reasons)

In the buzz-wordy age of Innovative Lean UX Start-up Agile (iLUXSA) nothing seems less appealing, or seemingly less productive, than taking two months to squeeze out personas that nobody will ever see again.

If you work with User Experience designers, they may advocate for the creation of personas. But you should beware. The most misunderstood tools and methods are often used to fabricate imaginary customers in order to represent the values and needs of real people. Why do we go to such extremes?

If you are a UX designer, persona development is usually expected under “required skills” in today’s User Experience toolbox. If not, personas will come up in job interviews. But required resources for persona research can be extreme and their adoption low.

So how do product managers, developers and designers better understand the methods and application for one of the most misunderstood tools in the product development arsenal?

This presentation is for all experience levels of engineers, project managers, product leads, designers, UX researchers and anyone who makes products (software, apps, websites, hardware) that others use.

In this presentation you’ll get candy thrown at you and also learn:

  • The best reasons for creating personas together
  • How to, as a team, quickly create accurate personas that fit into a sprint
  • And most importantly, how to use personas in collaborative design