Dan Berlin

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Dan Berlin

Dan Berlin is the founder of Slick Rabbit, LLC, a consulting services company focused on Agile coaching and training. Dan has more than 10 years hands-on software delivery experience with Fortune 100 clients in a variety of industries, including finance, entertainment, software, and media. Dan has a deep understanding of all aspects of Agile software delivery, from project management to agile testing, and he is as passionate as he is compassionate about helping others succeed with Agile. Dan is a regular speaker at software related user groups and conferences, and remains active in the Agile and developer communities.

Practical Emergent Design

Emergent Design is the concept that the best software designs “emerge” from the process of building software systems. It emphasizes using techniques such as design reviews and refactoring to improve design during the development process, as opposed to the more common technique of attempting to perfect the design up front before development begins.

In this session, we will explore the practical value of Emergent Design in software systems. We will first briefly review the concept itself and debunk some common misconceptions, then look at how it can be used effectively to solve real world problems, and finally review some examples of how to use and apply the concepts.

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