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Josh Mohrer

Josh Mohrer is the General Manager of Uber New York, an on-demand driver service app that’s revolutionizing the transportation industry. In a city where the rights to transport a passenger are highly coveted (a taxi’s medallion heralds a million dollar price tag), Josh has led the Uber New York team in a period of high growth and even higher opposition from the local government.

Prior to Uber, Josh led Marketing and Business Development at several technology start-up companies including Lot18, College Humor and Covestor. Josh started his first business in his college dorm room as an eBay Platinum Powerseller while studying Math at Columbia University.

The Uber Sandbox: Rapid Innovation

Uber, the app for on-demand driver service, continues to prove its place as a major disruptor in the transportation industry and not ‘just another app’ out of Silicon Valley. One of the strategies that has been critical to Uber’s ongoing success is its ability to experiment and rapidly test new ideas. What started out as just a single fleet of black sedans and a single pricing structure has, in just a few short years, evolved into a sleuth of other product offerings and revenue generators:

Uber Rush (a courier service for inter-city deliveries), UberX (a lower cost option that uses everyday vehicles as opposed to high-end sedans), fare-sharing (a feature that allows riders to split the cost of a fare to minimize individual costs), just to name a few examples.

In this keynote, Josh Mohrer will talk about what Uber has learned from experimenting with different ideas, from partnerships, promotions, and pricing structures, to flirting with other industries. What’s worked? What’s failed? And, more importantly, why?

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