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Kevin Griffin

Kevin Griffin

Kevin Griffin has been working as a professional developer since 2006, where his first job was working on components for the Symantec security suites.

Kevin is the owner of Griffin Consulting, Inc, CTO of Winsitter, and always looking for new challenges.  As a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and ASPInsider, Kevin spends a lot of time teaching and mentoring developers to learn new technologies and to be better developers. Over four years ago, Kevin started the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group.  He serves as the Director of Membership for INETA. You can find Kevin speaking at conferences, code camps, and user groups across the country.

I Built A SASS – Lessons Learned

A couple years ago I had lunch with a good friend of mine.  Over a plate of wings, he mentioned that he had this great idea for a product to help SysAdmins monitor their servers. In 2013, we launched the BETA version of Winsitter, a Software-As-A-Service offering that took the guesswork out of monitoring Windows Servers. Recently, in August 2014, Winsitter went into full production.

Our goals were clear: Develop a service that would continue to bring in monthly recurring revenue without us needing to devote 40+ hours a week to it (aka, a job).  We bootstrapped the product on our own, without any outside funding.

We made an uncomfortable number of mistakes.  Everything from launching too late to letting our internal knowledge of the systems delay the crucial step of taking peoples money.  Building a SASS is hard, but it is not possible.

In this talk, I will walk down the road of building a SASS, or any business for that matter.  What did my business partner and I do right? What did we do wrong?  What would we change were we to start the whole process over again?  Come ready for a some great discussion!

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