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Mike Vizdos

Mike Vizdos

Michael Vizdos is the author of  www.implementingscrum.com and travels internationally working with clients to improve delivery of products to their customers using Scrum and other Agile techniques. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer (since 2006) with over twenty years experience in all facets of software development and product delivery. He is active in the Lean Startup community; one of his current projects can be found at www.3guysinashop.com. He co-authored a book with Scott Ambler about the Enterprise Unified Process and speaks at user groups and conferences internationally about all of the above topics (and more!).

Title: Avoid The Temptation of Scaling: Slow Down. #DELIVER

The topic of “Scaling Agile” is spreading like wildfire in many international enterprises today. These organizations are looking for agility at the program and portfolio levels often before they have enabled their delivery teams to be effective.

Too often technology and business fall into a blame game when there is a failure to #DELIVER.

Agile in itself will not be successful if you do not focus on the needs of your end users. These are the people who actually determine if you are going to succeed or fail as a business.

Failing to #DELIVER can mean disaster regardless of how you have “scaled.”

This presentation explores the paradox that by slowing down you can go faster so your organization can #DELIVER the right products, with the right solutions, to the right people.

Based on real world experiences, Michael Vizdos will share his insights, examples, and techniques about how focusing on your “One Shiny Object” (and eliminating multi-tasking at the individual, team, program, and portfolio levels) will allow more effective prioritization.

This can change the conversations across the political boundaries in an organization so it can slow down and #DELIVER.

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