2013 Program

This year we’re creating a more inclusive program centered around the roles typically found on agile teams. Our goal is to offer something for everyone on the team with the hope they become inspired to innovate in their organization.


Richard Knaster

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Agile Teams

Dan_Costa (photo)

Dan Costa

SOCIAL, MOBILE AND GLOBAL: Disruptive Technologies that will change the way you do business

People and Process

Focus on the people and the methods they work to deliver software
Chris Hefley

Chris Hefley

Running Effective Meetings and Retrospectives using Lean Coffee

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

Scrums for Society

Bob Gower

Bob Gower

Hacking the Human System:
Organizational Change for Beginners

Daniel Vacanti (photo)

Daniel Vacanti

Actionable Metrics for Predictability

Experience and Design

Focus on designing software to maximize the user’s experience

Dan Brown

Tools Are Not Enough-More Effective Collaboration on UX Teams


Ilse “The Lady Aye” Carter

Step Right Up!


Hope Norman

Journey Maps

Chip Kidd_credit John Madere

Chip Kidd

Failing Better

Analysis and Assurance

Focus on defining requirements and assuring they are met

Fadi Stephan

The Agile Dashboard

Glenn Buckholz (photo)

Glenn Buckholz

Assuring Delivery with Open Source Continuous Integration in the Cloud


Richard Cheng

Engineering Best Practices – What every project manager (and team member) needs to know!

jason_snook_1Too Busy NOT to Usability Test

Development and Operations

Focus on building and releasing software

Kevin Griffin

Single Page Web Application: Design and Implementation


G. Andrew Duthie

Build Web Sites and App Back-ends Fast with Windows Azure

Andrew Fuqua

Andrew Fuqua

Exploring the Engineering Practices Necessary for Scrum


Arin Sime

5 Things You’ll Love to Hate About Agile Development