Scott Childs

About the Presenter

Scott Childs started as a web designer in 2000 and is currently Sr Interactive Creative Director for the Credit Card product at Capital One Financial. Through empathy and iteration he is passionate about drastically changing the expectations and experiences a user has when interacting with their bank and their money. Scott is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. When not designing he spends his time at swim meets and lacrosse practice, collecting vinyl toys, and spends way too much time in the black hole called Reddit.

Title: Narwhals, Not Unicorns

Unicorns may exist but they are few and far between, so in this talk we’ll look at how we can all be an equally magical but very real one horned creature. Let’s be UX Narwhals.  In this talk we’ll look at a few simple, fast, and low cost methods to attack everything from user research to design collaboration.

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