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Jason Tanner, CEO – Applied Frameworks

Jason is the CEO of Applied Frameworks, a management consulting firm for companies that want to deliver the Right Products to the Right Market at the Right Time. His passion is assisting people in organizations to develop products that customers love. Jason mentors, teaches, facilitates and sometimes does the work to identify and apply the optimal frameworks for given situations.

Jason’s experience spans product management and marketing, business planning, partner management, project management and leadership. He believes that his attraction to Agile is based on over 9 years of service as a Marine officer. He received an engineering degree from Cornell and a MBA from Duke. Jason is a Certified Scrum Trainer, SAFe Program Consultant and Innovation Games Qualified Instructor. Find more information, tools, training and events calendar at www.appliedframeworks.com.


3 Games for Your Agile Team from Applied Frameworks (PDF)

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